“Recollecting the Past in Kosovo: Cultural Memory between Facts and Fiction”

The initiative understands cultural memory as a process of recollecting the past that is constantly switching between facts and fiction, between documentation and imagination, between archival memory and repertoire, between passively stored and actively circulated memory. The research focuses on visual and performing art works in Kosovo that make use of archival material. Its main question is: What happens in the space between fact and fiction? How much is documented and how much created?

The research includes 5 ateliers, a festival and an online publication at the end of the year. The ateliers are conceptualized around documentary photography, conceptual art, graphic novel or documentary theater and focus on topics like monuments, women protests, artist’s representations of victims, war rapes or the education system. The creative usage of archive material is in their center.

The art-based action research aims at exploring the role of arts in dealing with the past, at initiating critical discussions on history fabrication as well as in linking artists, academics and civil society in this field.

forumZFD wants to initiate constructive debates on dealing with the past in Kosovo. With the current research, entitled “Recollecting the Past in Kosovo: Cultural Memory between Facts and Fiction”, forumZFD wants to focus on chapters of Kosovo’s past which have been largely unexplored or which do not find their way into nowadays debates.

Project Coordinators:

Jane Viola Felber, forumZFD Kosovo; felber@forumzfd.de

Doruntina Basha, forumZFD Kosovo; basha@forumzfd.de


forumZFD (Forum Civil Peace Service)

forumZFD Kosovo is active in the field of dealing with the past since 2008. Besides the quarterly magazine on the topic and the online platform dwp-kosovo.info, it has initiated various debates along the topic, published the book “Considering the Future. Perspectives on Dealing with the Past in Kosovo”, introduced youth from various communities into dealing with the past through culture (street art, poetry, forum theater, photography), worked with radio journalists on local narratives about the past, facilitated meetings between Kosovo Albanian and Serbian families of missing persons and supported other civil society initiatives in this field.

forumZFD (Forum Civil Peace Service) was established in 1996 with a mission to push for the “realization of the idea of a Civilian Peace Service” in Germany. forumZFD is a non-partisan organization. It is supported by 38 member organizations and more than 150 individual members. forumZFD carries out projects of the Civil Peace Service in the Middle East, through the Western Balkans and the Philippines. These include education about the origins and consequences of violent conflict, the establishment of dialogue between the opposing parties, the promotion of civil society and the reintegration of refugees and former combatants. In addition projects of forumZFD within Germany at municipal level contribute to civil conflict management.

Cooperation Partners

   alter_habitus stacion  KTK_Logotype_RGB


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