The performance ‘INTERNALLY DISPLACED’ was presented during the International Literature Festival ‘polip’, in Qendra Multimedia in Prishtina, on Saturday 11.05.2013, at 2pm. ‘INTERNALLY DISPLACED’ was realized during the Documentary Theater Atelier: Transforming Trauma through Art, led by Elizabeth Hess. The 5-day atelier created space for exploring the topic of war rapes through testimonies, through combining personal and collective experiences, and through explorations of the performative relationship between text and image.

Performers: Alketa Sylaj, Arberora Sylaj, Dhurata Hoti, Fjolla Hoxha, Vesa Qena, Vjosa Shala, Vlora Nikci

The performance was accompanied by a panel discussion the next day “Transforming Trauma Through Art”, moderated by Abdullah Ferizi, forumZFD. Amongst the panelists were Seth Baumrin, Eli Gashi, Fjolla Hoxha.

Read more about the festival here: http://polipfestival.wordpress.com/program

panel discussion

Photo: Arben Llapashtica


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