[Silence] Revisiting Women’s Civil Activism in the 90ies in Kosovo


On the 3rd of April, at 7pm, forumZFD and Stacion – Center for Contemporary Arts Prishtina, are opening the atelier for the public. The 5-day atelier “[Silence] Revisiting women’s civil activism in the 90ies in Kosovo” offered space for creative explorations on archive material and information around this phenomenon, focusing on visual representations of the protests and stories of women who took part in these protests. The atelier was led by Linda Gusia, social scientist, who elaborated on the conceptual framework of feminism, cultural memory and civil resistance; and Shelbatra Jashari, conceptual artist, who brought in different examples of women representation in conceptual art. The atelier has asked questions and tried to find poetic means for expressing answers in collaborative efforts to revisit the past of agency and activism. The atelier explored the significances of gendered discourse in the movement, considering in particular the symbolisms used by women.

During the day of open atelier, visitors will get an insight into the findings of these explorations in the work of Astrit Ismaili, Blerta Ismaili, Donjeta Murati, Haveit Theater, Jetmir Idrizi, Valbardha Buza and Vesa Qena.

forumZFD wants to initiate constructive debates on dealing with the past in Kosovo. With the current art based action research, entitled “Recollecting the Past in Kosovo: Cultural Memory between Facts and Fiction”, forumZFD wants to focus on chapters of Kosovo’s past which have been largely unexplored or which do not find their way into nowadays debates. The next ateliers to come will focus on war rapes, the artistic representation of victim stories and the education system during the 90ies.

This atelier is organized in collaboration with Stacion – Center for Contemporary Arts Prishtina.

Contact: basha@forumzfd.de; felber@forumzfd.de (049/618624)


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