forumZFD is pleased to announce a call for entries to participate in the upcoming

[Silence] – Revisiting Women’s Civil Activism in the 90ies in Kosovo

Dates: 28 March – 1 April 2013, presentation: 3 April 2013
Location: Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina
Led by: Linda Gusia (social scientist); Shelbatra Jashari (conceptual artist)

The atelier is part of the art-based action research “Recollecting the Past in Kosovo: Cultural Memory between Facts and Fiction”, which is implemented by forumZFD through the course of 2013.

The 5-day atelier offers space for creative explorations on women protests during the 1990ies in Kosovo, focusing on visual representations of the protests and stories of women who took part in these protests.The visualization of vital discussions related to these protests led by a known artist and academic from Kosovo will steer public discussions and will document archive material and information around this phenomenon.

Linda Gusia will present insights into her research elaborating on the conceptual framework of feminism, cultural memory and civil resistance. Shelbatra Jashari will employ silence as a modus operandi for the atelier to dialogue with the images and sounds of the protests.

The atelier asks questions and tries to find poetic means for expressing answers in collaborative efforts to revisit the past and examine critically the existence of these images, as remnants of pure immaterial proof of agency and activism. The atelier will explore the actual effect of these civil right protests and the significances of gendered discourse in the movement, considering in particular the symbolisms used by women. The creative explorations during the atelier will examine the representation of women through their visibility and invisibility in Kosovar society by revisiting the past and examining the current situation.

The atelier is organized in collaboration with Stacion – Center for Contemporary Arts Prishtina.

Participants: max. 10 ; interested in civil activism, feminism, cultural memory; artists, video editors, journalists, students of history or social sciences

Working Language: Albanian; English (for literature)

Participants will receive a per diem to cover full board and travel costs. Accommodation is also provided if needed on request. Each art work will be presented at the day of open atelier.

For further information, please visit:


To apply, please send a concise motivation letter to felber@forumzfd.de or basha@forumzfd.de until 24th March 2013!


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