forumZFD is pleased to announce a call for entries to participate in the upcoming


Monumental Sculptures of Socialist Yugoslavia in Kosovo: Artefacts between Memory and Neglect

Dates: 1 March – 5 March 2013, presentation: 6 March 2013
Location: Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina
Led by: Marko Krojac (photographer)

The atelier is part of the art-based action research “Recollecting the Past in Kosovo: Cultural Memory between Facts and Fiction”, which is implemented by forumZFD through the course of 2013.

This atelier creates space for photographic explorations on monumental sculptures of Socialist Yugoslavia in Kosovo through field trips, discussions, theoretic inputs, interviews and by delving into different archive material. The atelier will be led by Marko Krojac – a photographer from Berlin who has established a systematic basis of more than 500 monuments from Ex- Yugoslavia, and has exhibited his works in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Italy and Japan.

The atelier is organized in collaboration with Stacion – Center for Contemporary Arts Prishtina.

Participants: max. 10 ; interested in documentary photography, cultural memory, monuments, history, social sciences

Working Language: English, with translation into Albanian and Serbian if needed

Participants will receive a per diem to cover full board and travel costs. Accommodation is also provided if needed on request. Each art work will be presented at the day of open atelier.

To apply, please send an informal letter of interest to felber@forumzfd.de or basha@forumzfd.de until 25th February 2013.

More info: https://betweenfactsandfiction.wordpress.com/1st-atelier/


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